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Timing kit + WP + TH - FYI to save a few bucks
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TOPIC: Timing kit + WP + TH - FYI to save a few bucks
Timing kit + WP + TH - FYI to save a few bucks 4 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 32
Hi Guys,

I thought I share my experience about a few parts after my timing kit replacement after 88000kms - 7 years. My car is 95 REV3 Turbo with the appropriate 3rd Gen 3S-GTE. This info could be useful to REV 3-4-5 Turbo owners, and partially useful to other REVs.

Timing belt
Gates 5404XS after 88000kms.




I found only 2 little cracks under 2 teeth, I'm sure I could have used this belt up to 100000kms.
Got the same model belt installed

Tensioner and Idler

For both idler and tensioner, I had GMB EGT602733RVN installed for 88000kms.
These held up very well, didn't get noisy and only had little play after the above mentioned period.
0.3mm in the below config



If you shop from Toyota:
Tensioner (bearing, frame, bolt, washer) 13505-88480 - €123,
Idler (bearing only) 13503-63011 - €58 incl. VAT from Toyota

The above genuine parts come with Koyo PU355816RR9D bearings.

To save a little chunk of money I suggest to shop for 2x Koyo PU355816RR9D, and you can reuse the tensioner's frame, bolt and washer saving some money.

Or even better, get Blueprint ADT37616 and ADT37626.
With a little luck, you will have the tensioner equipped with Koyo PU355816RR9D (the same as genuine Toyota).
I got lucky as my ADT37616 (tensioner) came with Koyo and the ADT37626 (idler) came with the above mentioned GMB which has proven already.


For this timing kit change, I used genuine Toyota 16110-79135 (€138 :blink: ) as I didn't know what do I have installed 7 years ago. I contacted Fensport.co.uk, where I bought it, but they wouldn't tell me.
Now I know, I had GMB GWT-122A and it worked perfectly fine. No leaks, no play. I will go with this the next time. Not that it matters much, but the impeller blade thickness for GMB is thicker than the OEM Aisin pump. 2mm vs 1.5mm

According to my research, Blueprint ADT39168 often has this GMB packed in their boxes.

GMB GWT-122A (bottom)




I had TAMA WV64TA-82A installed and worked perfectly fine without a hiccup.

As much as I like Gates belts, I will not buy their thermostats as the one I used for this occasion, couldn't hold pressure. It was regulating perfectly on idle and upto 2800rpm, but above this rpm the temp gauge started dropping. I changed it shortly after discovering it.

Hydraulic Tensioner

I didn't save money on this one, I bought the appropriate 13540-88480

Hope this helps someone acquiring parts for more reasonable prices, but still good quality.

Obviously your experience may vary with these parts, but I will stick with these myself.

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