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How To - Fit new speakers
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TOPIC: How To - Fit new speakers
How To - Fit new speakers 13 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 19
Hi lads just wrote this up on tgtt and thought I would post it here also as some of you may find it useful.

My MR2 had very crackly sound from the speakers and so I checked the speakers and found they were in a bad way. I decided to change them.

Before you read any further please note that I have done expensive audio installs before and taken a lot of time and care to get very good sound. In this instance I wanted a cheap install to allow me listen to the radio, I had limited time and did not want to spend much money as I rarely use the radio. Please do not criticise or slate this install it is merely a guide for a cheap and cheerful speaker swap

So I was not 100% sure the problem lay with the speakers until I stripped the door down and found this:


I looked around and found lots of confusing information about replacement speakers for the MK2 MR2. Many speakers are the same size in diameter but at the back are too wide. I got tired of looking for info on what would fit exactly and decided to remove the speakers and take them in to a shop and see what I could find closest in size.

I found these in halfords

Front Alpine SXE-1725S - 6.5"

Rear Alpine SXE-1025S - 4"

I also bought a few feet of speaker wire, you always need a bit of this.

Before I began I made sure I had the wiring diagram for the MR2. I found out that the MR2 had an "active" or "passive" system. Apparently the active system has an amp and sub behind the seat. Mine didnt have these so I have the passive system.

This is the wiring info for the speakers
Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Pink
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Purple
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Blue
Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Black
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Red
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): White

To strip down the door you need to

-undo several screws across the bottom of the door that hold the door panel on and one in the middle of the door near the hinge (it has a cap on it)
-undo the screw behind the lever for opening the door.
-Remove the electric window panel switch
-Remove the plastic pocket in the door armrest
-Pull at the panel of the door until the clips holding it on give way

Screw out the old speaker and disconnect the speaker connection. I decided to keep this and attach it to the new speaker for simple installation.

Chopped this off the old speaker


Stripped door


Ready to connect to new speaker


New speaker screwed to door
This speaker is not a direct fit but if positioned correctly 2 of the original screws will hold it in place and one of the longer screws you removed from the bottom of the door panel will allow you get a hold in the third hole. Tighten down carefully. The speaker surround will flex a little - go easy!


The new speaker sits off the door a little and the door panel will not sit flush like it used to. Take a strong cutting knife/stanley blade and strip the back of the door panel speaker surround. Takes 1 minute (be careful of your fingers!)


Once paired back the panel will fit back perfectly.

The rear speakers can be accessed by:
-pull up the sill plastic toward the rear of the seat
-on the drivers side you will need to remove the screw in the lever for the engine cover release
-pull the plastic panel covering the rear speaker until it comes free
-two screws hold the plastics down near the speaker, remove these
-using a number 10 socket you can remove the speaker mount, you might need a number 10 spanner for one of the top bolts as it is partially under the plastic (you will see what I mean) and you might not be able to get a socket under there.
-remove the speaker mount and speaker and disconnect the connection just like you did on the front speaker

I chopped the connection like I did on the front and connected it to the new speaker

I pondered what to do about the fact that the new speaker did not fit the speaker mounting bracket. As I was pushed for time I decided to use cable ties ;)


I trimmed the excess cable tie and they are rock solid with no movement at all. Once the panel is put back on everything looks stock but the sound is now absolutely excellent!

Original thread located - http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/forums/showthread.php?78301-MR2-MK2-Speaker-Change
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Re: How To - Fit new speakers 13 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 314
Nice writeup - KC+1
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