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TOPIC: In Car Camera Systems
In Car Camera Systems 10 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 18


We now have a selection of in car camera systems available for purchase. These systems range from £169.99 upwards depending on your needs.

How they work:
The BlackVue Drive Recorder integrates three core technologies together – GPS, G Sensor in three dimensions and High Quality Video. A version without GPS is also available. The GPS Receiver calculates both position, speed and time. The G Sensor is a three dimensional accelerometer and calculates the G forces when involved in an accident or harsh braking or acceleration. The High Quality Video is provided by a wide angle lens camera providing clear video footage as the vehicle is driven. The Video and GPS information is saved on a memory card identical to those found in digital cameras. Capacities are increasing all of the time. The BlackVue supports up to 16GB of data which equates to about 32 hours of continuous recording.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and can be used to pinpoint a position anywhere on the Earth's surface. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system consisting of a network of 28 orbiting satellites. The GPS Receiver inside the Drive Recorder will lock onto at least three or more GPS satellites to indicate the exact location of your vehicle. This will be displayed on a Google map. The GPS Receiver also knows the speed and time, again these parameters can be displayed on the PC based viewer that comes FREE with the BlackVue Drive Recorder.

The PC based viewer displays the High Quality Video images on a Google map showing position on the map either in hybrid mode or 2D mode. In addition speed is displayed togther with the G forces.

If a driver is involved in an accident, the G Sensor senses the force of impact and automatically triggers the Drive Recorder to record and save the event. The BlackVue is fully programmable but typically would be set to save 15 seconds before and after an accident. If a driver sees some road rage and wishes to record the event he can manually press a button which will again record and save as an event.

Shop Link: http://www.carbenfibrecreations.co.uk/store/index.php?id_category=99&controller=category

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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